KOD UK Association


We are the Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD UK), a grassroots organisation which established itself in reaction to outrageous actions of the current Polish president and parliament since 2015 elections.

Living in the UK, we can see how a civic society can influence those in power, how an old democracy functions and how we, ordinary people, have a chance to try to change things back home. We want to share the key aspects of democracy, its values and mechanisms, with ordinary Poles in the UK. Through education, we hope to build a civic society.

Feeling strongly about the principles of the rule of law and equality of all in the obligation to act in accordance with the constitution and all other acts of law, we express our protest against limiting the human rights of Polish citizens, both native and foreign, against unlawful actions of the ruling party, against marginalising our homeland within Europe. An open attack against the principles of the country’s legal order and irresponsible spending, covered by excessive borrowing, will have increasingly serious repercussions on the politics and economy, both internally and internationally.

We welcome anyone among us, so long as you share our beliefs, regardless of your nationality, political views and who you may have voted for last year. Our events are peaceful and arguments based on facts, and we invite those undecided to join the conversation about the future of Poland.

The objects of the Association

  1. Promote democratic values within the Polish community in the UK;
  2. Support the work of the democratic organisations in Poland; and
  3. Foster dialogue about Polish and European democracy, politics and history.

Committee Members

  • Kamil Arendt
  • Małgorzata Hallewell 
  • Olimpia Mainka
  • Michał Reimer
  • Katarzyna Rembiasz 
  • Jolanta Zdunek

The Executive Members of the Association are as follows:

  • Joanna Gos
  • Tomasz Kosmala
  • Artur Osiński
  • Antoni Otffinowski