A heart for Pawel – the final goodbye

On Monday Jan 14, over a hundred people gathered outside the Polish Embassy in London to remember the mayor of Gdansk, who had been murdered during a charity event. The meeting was described by Polish media, Newsweek Polska and Cooltura24 among them.

A second gathering is planned for Wednesday, Jan 16, 7pm. Londoners will meet outside the embassy, and similar meetings are to take place outside Polish consulates across UK. It will be in coordination with similar events takin place across Poland, all under the common name of “A Heart for Pawel”.

The funeral will take place on Saturday. Its broadcast will be possible to watch in the White Eagle Club in Balham, between 11am and 1 pm. There will also be a chance to sign our Citizens’ Condolences Book, either during the broadcast at the WEC or between 4 and 7pm outside the City Hall, near Tower Bridge.

Anyone who wishes to come is most welcome.


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