Wolne Sądy – Ludzie Listy Piszą

Zaczynamy akcję pisania listów, aby wywrzec presję na Unie Europejska. Jesli chcecie dołączyć, to prosze wyslijcie wzór poniższego listu do Pana Timmermans’a (frans-timmermans-contact@ec.europa.eu) i swojego MEP (kontakt do sowjego MEP mozna znalezc tu). Zapraszamy do wspólnej akcji!

Dear Mr F. Timmermans and (insert the name of your MEP),


In the last couple of weeks, the Polish government has taken further steps to destroy the checks and balances of the Polish democracy and made changes to the bill on the National Council of The Judiciary of Poland (KRS), Supreme Court and Common Courts. Two of these bill amendments have now been vetoed by the President as a result of the pressure of the mass protests on the streets of Poland. Unfortunately, the bill on Common Courts has been signed and is awaiting to come into force in a matter of days.


This bill hands over the power of appointing all Chief Justices of all common courts in Poland to the Minister of Justice, who also acts as the Public Prosecutor General. This is in clear breach of the Polish Constitution and the idea of separation of powers.


The bill also allows the Minister of Justice to dismiss all or any of the judges he wishes to do so within the six months of the bill coming into force without providing any valid reasons or oversight. This will lead to a political purge within the judicial system.


A number of international organizations, including Amnesty International, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and the Consultative Council of European Judges have already warned against the adoption of this bill.


I would like to ask you to support the Polish citizens and demand that the European Commission invokes Article 7 of the Treaty of the European Union which allows for the imposition of sanctions, including the suspension of voting rights. Help us, the citizens of Poland,by demanding that the EU takes serious and meaningful steps to avert this blatant attack on the rule of law. Do not let the European Union be a helpless bystander a silent witness to the murder of democracy in its very heart.


Thank you.


Yours sincerely,


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