3xVeto Candlelight Vigil for Democracy

Protests in defence of the constitutionally guaranteed separation of powers have given spectacular results. President Andrzej Duda yielded to the pressure and vetoed the legislation on the National Council of the Judiciary of Poland and the Supreme Court, which would subjugated them to the executive branch, allowing the Minister of Justice (who is at the same time the Attorney General) to a appoint Supreme Court justices. Protests took place across all of Poland, with support from Poles living abroad, among them members and sympathisers of KOD UK. Protests were organized since Thursday 20 July, with over 500 people attending on Sunday in the largest protest so far, co-organised by Dziewuchy Dziewuchom, FARSA, KOD UK and attended by representatives of Partia Razem, Nowoczesna and the British Labour Party.

We would like to thank everyone dedicating their time and energy to help; those who provided audio systems, information materials and banners. Last, but not least, we would like to help all those, whose incredible energy made impossible possible!

We have two vetoes, not three – key piece of legislation, threatening the independence of district and regional courts is still under President’s review. It is not the time to rest yet! Our next protest takes place tonight.

You can watch last night’s protest here.

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