Polish Constitution Day Letter

In cooperation with international groups fighting for democracy in Poland, we sent the following letter to Mr. Frans Timmermanns, Vice President of the European Commission

Mr. VicePresident,

We are writing to you to thank you for your ongoing support of the rule of law in Poland. On 3rd May Poland marks the Constitution Day. We celebrate the 226th anniversary of the signing of the
Constitution of the 3rd May by the Polish Parliament in 1791. Not only it was this the first written constitution in Europe, but also the first document of this kind outlining a clear definition of one of the cardinal rules of democracy – the separation of powers in the state, the executive, legislative and judiciary.

At present, this very rule is under threat and is being destroyed by the Polish government. Thedemocratic elected Government of Poland ruins our democracy by its attempts to take control of the Constitutional Tribunal and independent judiciary.

These attempts have become the reasons for instigating proceedings by the European Commission in support of the Rule of Law in Poland. This is why we would like, on this important to us a day – the Constitution Day – to remind the European Commission of the continued and deepening constitutional crisis in Poland and of the ongoing efforts of our Govermnent to take political control of the independent judiciary.

The examples of these efforts are the unlawful takeover of the Constitutional Tribunal in December 2016 by the persons nominated by the ruling Law and Justice party, the unconstitutional changes to the Act on the judiciary in 2017 imposed by the present government and parliamentary majority. There are still so many Poles who believe in the ideas of democracy and the values of the EU. For this reason we need your continued support in returning the Rule of Law to Poland.

Yours sincerely,

KOD Australia and Oceania– Dorota Steinberg
KOD Austria – Janusz Walkowiak
KOD France – Joanna Lassere
KOD Germany – Arkadiusz Lewandowski
KOD Portugal – Kamil Otto WalterPopławski
KOD Switzerland – Jacek Cichoń
KOD USA – Peter Wlodarczyk, Tomasz Kokociński
KOD USA West – Dobiesław Pałeczka
KOD UK – Magda Szabert, Małgorzata Halewell, Tyla Arabas, Antoni Otffinowski, Joanna Gos
Democracy is OK (DOK) – Natasza Quelvennec, Bartosz Hlebowicz, Krystyna Kierebinski

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