Constitution of May 3rd Picnic

In the week of 30th April to 8th May, we will be celebrating 225th anniversary of signing of the Constitution of May 3rd.

On 7th May between 2 and 4 p.m. KODUK will be hosting a series of small picnics* around Hyde Park.

You are cordially invited to participate in one of our picnics or host one of your own in your local park.

We will be discussing with anyone interested the history of Poland, the impact of Constitution of May 3rd, the current situation in Poland including the new media regulation, changes planned to the Museum of WW2 among many other things.

For those interested in hosting their own picnics, we will be providing prompt sheets in the week before the start of the event. Please share your picnic pictures with us.

* Hyde Park Regulations prohibit picnics larger than 20 without incurring fees therefore we will be hosting a few smaller ones. We ask you to respect park regulations.

Join us!

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