KOD stronger than political parties

Some 40% of Poles support KOD (Committee for the Defence of Democracy) including one in three Andrzej Duda voters and one in forth PiS supporters. 5% have joined KOD rallies at least once – indicates the TNS opinion pool for “Wyborcza”

– KOD has a higher support (40%) than governing PiS (32%) and comparable to all opposition parties together (44%). A further one in forth don’t support KOD (28%) and one in five say they have never heard of it (20%).

– Some 5% of Polish people declare taking to the streets with KOD at least once. 4% have not joined any rally yet but ‘certainly will join. A further 19% of ‘consider joining’ future protest organised by KOD.

– Support for KOD declare at least one in two voters from opposition parties: Nowoczesna 86%, PO and SLD 67%, PSL 66%, Razem (60%). Also one in four voters of governing PiS (25%).

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