The position of the Board of KOD on the announcement to tighten the abortion law

Lawmaking requires consultation, reflection and must respect the voice of every citizen, especially when it concerns deeply personal matters. We are concerned about any attempt by one ideological vision to subordinate the rights and violate the views, sensitivities and beliefs of others, and in this case that means the majority of public opinion. The upcoming changes to the current abortion law – which suggest a complete ban on abortion – and strengthen penalties for illegal abortion in Poland- moves Poland away from liberal democratic countries, the European Union standards and those of other developed countries. According to the UN Human Rights Committee and Amnesty International, forcing women to give birth to a foetus incapable of life is torture. Changes in legislation that affect a fundamental worldview should be preceded by in-depth and substantive discussion, with a dialogue from all sides.

For KOD, respecting values such as dignity, equality and freedom is very important. We view negatively the proposed mode and manner of announcing the changes. We are concerned by statements from leading politicians of the ruling party on the role of the Catholic Church in the field of law. We respect and demand respect for the principle of the separation of the church and state.
KOD as a social movement supports the freedom of other social movements to self-organise, in particular referring to those that respect the human rights, democratic principles and democratic values enshrined in the Constitution: such as inherent human dignity, equality before the law and the prohibition of torture and cruel, inhuman treatment.

We support all protests against the stricter ban on abortion.

The KOD Board

Source: Committee for the Defence of Democracy

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