Let’s Defend the Constitutional Order

On Saturday, 12 March at 11am we met in front of the Polish Embassy in London to demonstrate in defence of the rule of law and against breaking the law and the constitutional order.

The Venice Commission clearly stated: the government, the parliamentary majority and the president are breaching the law.

On the 9th of March, the Constitutional Court declared that the whole amendment to the legislation regulating its functioning is against the Constitution. At the moment, Prime Minister Beata Szydło refused to publish the verdict, hoping to prevent it from to coming into force.

An independent Constitutional Court is a guard against irresponsible actions of any government. We protest against attempts to paralyse its work, as well as:

  • appropriating the country
  • belieing our history
  • damaging the economy
  • damaging the country’s good name abroad
  • dividing the society into “equal” and “more equal than others”.




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